Feiyue Shoes Are at the Fashion Forefront of Country

Feiyue shoes have been announced as the ‘Chinese Converse’ with the introduction of the brand to France and the rest of Europe as well. They are presenting to the European market so that they can also enjoy the unique design of the shoes and the simplicity that the latest sells so lightweight and streamlined they look as if the son able to fly!

This may sound ridiculous, but the name ‘feiyue’ is the originality of the Chinese meaning ‘flying forward’ is somehow to explain the thinking behind the design. Superbly comfortable shoes have been around for a long time, but it is only after a mission team of French entrepreneurs to deliver them to the fashion fans outside of China who have made headlines.

Students in their gap year enjoying the discovery journey in China and travelers backpacking around Asia and filling an empty bag full of cultural fashion have long been fans. Feiyue’s footwear has been a well-kept secret and, to a certain extent, remains a clandestine admission between these types of fresh cult, which you can hear professed: “Yes, these are my feiyue trainers from my recent trip to China ‘. Then they proceed to tell you how they are off. Discover the Inca Trail for your trip after the tube in Laos next summer.

Feiyue 501 Classic Kung Fu Martial Arts Shoes -White

The Feiyue shoes are also extremely made of durable canvas lace-up top and rubber lightweight outsole. The tread is perfect for all styles, providing maximum traction for ultimate performance.

Feiyue Claasic Kung Fu Martial Arts Shoes -White
Style Code: 501-White
Colorways: White
Material: Super fiber + Vulcanized Rubber Sole
Condition: Brand New & 100% Authentic

The first number shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters
Simple, durable canvas lace-up top and rubber outsole
The tread is perfect for all martial arts styles
Providing maximum traction for ultimate performance

However, Feiyue shoes are available to everyone in Europe now, so even if you can not afford to travel, you can still be one step ahead of the latest Asian trends by sporting a pair of Slippers Its price is so reasonable that it is the reason why it has been a great success with young Chinese. Without the embargo, after photos of certain celebrities wearing the distinctive looking footwear, now officially celebrity bait too. They have even been featured in French, highlighting their vanguard fashion status in the media right now.

While shoes made in China Feiyue are sold for just $ 45.95 on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, almost the carbon copies versions made by the French company Feiyue Shoes Holding are sold between 500 and 1,000 yuan. The two businesses are not affiliated in any way.

The disparity reveals how the latter has managed to turn its French trademark into an essential fashion for fashionable people all over the world, and how the tables were once ironized about China, which has been known for decades to copy in Place of innovation.

The original brand, however, is slowly but surely finding its way back to consumers feet by rebranding itself as more than a cheap, functional shoe for the masses. Last year’s collaboration with Disney to launch a series inspired by Star Wars highlighted its ambition to remain relevant to a global audience in these modern times.

The brand is now available in up to 50 sportswear stores in the main first and second tier cities in China. It has also addressed varying demographic data by introducing a variety of designs that fall into different price ranges.

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